BackRoomCastingCouch 1443 - Paige (720)

BackRoomCastingCouch 1443 - Paige (720)

Date Added: Jan.23.2017


Paige is a part-time bartender with the looks of your next-door High School grad and the sexual experience of a Catholic nun, although she talks a good deal. She once did a private sex tape with her boyfriend, who promptly leaked it to her friends. Shocked at first, Paige realized that she got turned on by her friends masturbating to her sex tape. So here she is. Plus, bartending means she fucks for free quite a bit. Why not make some big bucks, right?
Paige is cute but very careful with what she says in her interview. She doesn`t quite trust the whole setup (which she shouldn`t) and is pretty skeptical about it all. But the promise of lots of cash in a career as a pornstar eventually wins....
Paige doesn`t like giving blowjobs so Agent Jake makes an extra effort to get as much mouth whoopie from her as possible. Gotta punish a girl who doesn`t like to give head. She does love to get fucked by Jake in doggy and begs him to fuck her harder. Very hot.
Because Paige said she doesn`t like to swallow cum, in Jake`s eyes that`s pretty much an invitation to finish her up with a nice load of jizz inside her tight pussy. But not before he fucks her ass until she begs him to stop. He does, pulls his cock out of her ass, then immediately shoves it right back into her pussy, where he shoot his load inside her. No warning, no cleaning up, nothing. Again - he`s a savage! Love it! Some really clever cam angles from Jake, too. After he supposedly turns off all cameras, Paige confesses she didn`t know what a creampie was...and that she is not on birth control. You already know Backroom`s solution for ooopsies like that.

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File Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 00:37:27
Resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 109 kb/s
File Name: BackRoomCastingCouch 1443 - Paige_720.mp4

BackRoomCastingCouch 1443 - Paige (720)



Category: Back Room Casting

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