Backroom Casting Couch: Megan

Backroom Casting Couch: Megan

"Hi I'm Megan, I'm Native American except I'm not and just say that because it sounds cooler than the truth which is that I'm half Mexican and got nothing special going on in my life. I'm about to go to school to do old rich women's hair and makeup for a living, but I really wanna be a model. I did some modeling with clothes and stuff so I already know how all of this works. Oh, and I don't like sex but I think it's a great idea to become an adult actress. Until I sat on that couch I didn't really think about what that means, like anything else in life I don't like to think things through. I also think I'm too skinny and have a bunch of other self image issues but I know everything will magically get better once I'm a porno star, like Rick said I would be. He said I'd be great at it after I sucked and fucked him, and spit out and then swallowed his cum, and stuff. I told him I'd have to think about it because it was all a bit weird doing all that in that office, but I would like to make that $1000 to $5000 per day he promised. His number seems disconnected right now but I'll keep trying. He just was too nice to me to be a scam, you know? I'm gunna see my ex boyfriend now who I broke up with the day before I met with Rick because I told him I wanna be a pornstar and he was like "No!". So I dumped his unemployed ass. He'll come crawling back when he sees all the money I make soon, and all the fan letters I will get and stuff. Luv - Megan".

Backroom Casting Couch: Porn Casting Megan

Backroom Casting Couch: Megan

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