Warm embrace HD 720p

Warm embrace HD 720p

Victoria is one incredible looking young woman, we absolutely love her soft curves, her natural shape and her jaw-dropping beauty. Her eyes beg for more, her hips find a rhythm and her pussy glistens as she becomes more and more turned on. We shot this scene on a quiet Sunday morning and to set the mood we filled up the tub with hot water and let Dane and Victoria get to know each other a little bit before the scene.
Dane is a young American boy who loves to travel and we were lucky enough to work with him while he was in Prague. The girls really loved working with him, he's quite the charmer and is very in tune with what a girl wants during sex.
Victoria loves giving blowjobs, which we know is going to thrill a lot of our guy-members, and it's really exciting watching her sucking on Dane's thick cock, looking up at him with wanting in her eyes. She reaches her climax while riding on top of him, for her, penetrative orgasms are the most intense, she can come hard when she's riding up and down on a cock, with it deep inside her and tickling against her g-spot.

Warm embrace HD 720p

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Category: Classic sex

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