Klara: Czech Super Models 19 - [CzechSuperModelsCzechav] (2014HD720p)

Klara: Czech Super Models 19 - [CzechSuperModelsCzechav] (2014HD720p)

Name: Klara
Age: 22
Career arousal: amazing fucking

My modeling agency is gaining in popularity. My address book is packed with longing the name of the naive chicks that supermodels are. Klara, a petite brunette, is one of them. She is a looker. It is not a chatterbox, but it compensates for their lack of communication with non-verbal skills. She knows she has to make a sacrifice to achieve their goal. And they sacrificed everything they had. I promised her the moon in exchange! Promises not cost you anything. It was definitely worth it. I fucked her brains out. That's what I call a fair deal. It was their choice, and they get what they deserve.

Klara: Czech Super Models 19 - [CzechSuperModelsCzechav] (2014HD720p)

Klara: Czech Super Models 19 - [CzechSuperModelsCzechav] (2014HD720p)

File Name: 19.klara.wmv
File Size: 803 MB
Resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
Duration: 00:21:58




Category: CzechSuperModels

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