Nikky [Gina Devine and Nikky Reade] - Female Agent (720)

Nikky [Gina Devine and Nikky Reade] - Female Agent (720)

Nikky (30 mins). Nikky was a beautiful girl whose parents came from a Russian background and she was here to find work to help her whilst she was studying. She had previously done some topless modelling and was looking for quality jobs where she could pose in underwear or swimwear. Now there was something about this girl, she was an athletic woman and she just had this sexy, cute aura about her. Whatever it was it was definitely making my clit twitch. She had a set idea of what she wanted to earn each month so I brought up the topic of shooting porn scenes, this being the only way I could guarantee her the wage that she wanted. She immediately said no, as her parents would kill her if they found out that she had done porn. This was my angle in and I seductively made my way over to where she was sitting, explaining that there was two types of porn, and I was on about her trying it with girls which was soft, romantic and seductive. As I explained the difference I caressed her breast through her top and I felt her sigh with pleasure. I pretended to take her through a scenario with another girl so I got her to remove her top and I licked and drew her breast into my mouth. Within moments she was agreeing this type of porn was different and she could probably do it. This was on and I have to say this girl was seriously sexy. As we writhed on the couch together, I finger fucked, licked and sucked her tight pussy watching her breath rise and fall and her whole body contort in ecstasy. Her orgasm was very real and beautiful and then it was her turn to swirl her tongue around my pussy. For a first timer she was amazing, like a natural and I was soon arching my back as my orgasm hit me like a landslide. What a sensual, sexy casting, with an amazing woman, I love my job.

Released: 18-04-2014

Categories: Lesbian, Work Fantasies, Amateur, Office, Indoors, Sex, Pussy Licking, Pussy Fingering

File Size: 615 MB
Duration: 00:30:06
Resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 128 kb/s
File Name: Nikky [Gina Devine and Nikky Reade] - Female Agent_720.mp4

Nikky [Gina Devine and Nikky Reade] - Female Agent (720)



Category: Female Agent

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