Lenny [Lenny Elleny and Rachel Evans and Steve] - Female Agent (720)

Lenny [Lenny Elleny and Rachel Evans and Steve] - Female Agent (720)

Lenny (50 mins). I`d invited an old friend of mine to the casting session today, he knew all about what I did and he had done some stuff of his own in the past We were both here to interview a very sexy blonde and Steve was going to pose as a hot shot production manager. The idea was he would offer her some amazing well paid jobs but she had to do something for us first also. When she entered she was very nervous and very naive about castings and the industry and it took Steve and I a while just to get her out of her clothes and down to her underwear. Whilst she modelled her underwear Steve took my hand and began rubbing his cock with it. I knew for certain right there and then that this was going to be a great casting session. Steve took the lead and showed her what we were doing and she was initially shocked, but when Steve explained that he could get her lots of well paid work if she only helped him out like I was doing, you could see the light of curiosity flare up in her eyes. After some more convincing that the video would not get posted anywhere and that her boyfriend wouldn`t find out, she agreed to initially have some fun with me. Steve filmed as we kissed and stroked each other, tasting each others wet pussies as we flowed over each other. This was too much for poor old Steve and he had to join in, quickly quelling what little protest she had. This had now turned into a very naughty threesome indeed, and she soon shared her own little naughty secret. Turns out she was a squirter the like of which I hadn`t come across before. It wasn`t long before our couch was saturated with her juices as she squirted again and again. Now throw in some very horny fucking positions, a creampie filed pussy from Steve to Lenny and a gorgeous orgasm form myself as Lenny licked me to satisfaction and I think you have one of the best casting threesomes so far to date. Enjoy.

Released: 15-07-2014

Categories: Lesbian, Work Fantasies, Couples Fantasies, Amateur, Cheating, Office, Indoors, Sex, Threesome, FFM, Squirt, Handjob, Creampie, Pussy Creampie, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Missionary - POV, Fuck n Lick, Side Rider, Pussy Licking, Pussy Fingering, Oral Train

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File Name: Lenny [Lenny Elleny and Rachel Evans and Steve] - Female Agent_720.mp4

Lenny [Lenny Elleny and Rachel Evans and Steve] - Female Agent (720)




Category: Female Agent

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