Rita [Ryta Wali and Zuzana Briley] - Female Agent (720)

Rita [Ryta Wali and Zuzana Briley] - Female Agent (720)

Rita (39 mins). It didn`t matter who was coming through my office door today they were going to be on the receiving end of my strap on dildo, even if it`s a man. That`s how mischievous I was feeling today after dreaming last night of pounding lots of gorgeous models with my plastic cock. Turns out it was the lucky, lovely Rita who would be getting pure pleasure from me. She came in for modelling work and had an innocent air about her, but I knew from past experience that the innocent looking are often the most filthy in the bedroom. I offered her work in an ice cream advert and asked her to demonstrate her cone licking skills on a dildo I had to hand. She did not have a clue what it was until I described it to her and I could see she was interested in the plastic phallus. Once I told her how good the pay was for the job she wanted it so badly, but there was a catch. She could have the advertising job but only if she let me fuck her with my plastic cock. It only took a moment or two and she was ready to try it. We started slowly by kissing and undressing each other on the couch, hot breath on each others faces as our fingers rove over each others bodies. Then it was strap on time. I got her in the doggy position and after some light lubing I slid into her from behind. I love the feeling of fucking a woman like a man and I had my rhythm down brilliantly, I fucked her from behind with such skill she was soon cumming over my strap on. I wasn`t finished with her yet and I got her to ride cowgirl on me, capturing some very horny POV shots as she did so, then I fucked her on her back to another amazing orgasm. Now it was her turn to pleasure me, and without even taking my cock off, she simply pulled it to one side and licked and finger fucked me to an amazing orgasm that shook me in it`s throes from head to toe. What a beautiful casting where I fucked her better then any man could. This one is going into my private collection for keeps.

Released: 20-06-2014

Categories: Lesbian, Work Fantasies, Couples Fantasies, Big Tits Worship, Amateur, Cheating, Office, Indoors, Sex, Sex Toys, Strap-on, Pussy Licking, Pussy Fingering

File Size: 794 MB
Duration: 00:38:52
Resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 128 kb/s
File Name: Rita [Ryta Wali and Zuzana Briley] - Female Agent_720.mp4

Rita [Ryta Wali and Zuzana Briley] - Female Agent (720)




Category: Female Agent

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