Zara [Zara Jay] - Female Agent (720)

Zara [Zara Jay] - Female Agent (720)

Zara (34 mins). Sometimes when a woman we`ve had for a casting realizes that she hasn`t heard from us with any job offers or they discoverer their casting videos online, they will try and return and get some answers from us female agents. Unfortunately, the beautiful Zara, had both happen to her and she turned up extremely irate at my office door this morning. She had not heard from us in over 2 months and her boyfriend had discovered her video online and he was not a happy chap. I had to try and calm her down and I blamed it all on my old assistant cameraman, promising I would try and get the video taken down. To appease her mood I promised her some kissing scenes work in some normal movies that paid brilliantly which she seemed happy with. Then I said I`d have to test her kissing skills and she almost kicked back off when I said I`d need to record them for my clients. However I quickly assured her that nothing would happen with the video and if she didn`t like it I would delete it in front of her. I have no idea how I managed this but the next thing I know we are both sitting on the couch sharing a slow sensuous kiss. I could feel her getting lost in the moment and I moved my hand down to her pussy and began to rub her through her clothes. I could feel the heat of her hot pussy on my hand and she breathlessly asked me to turn the cameras off. This was making me wonder if she had missed me or the lack of work more. I pretended to turn them off and then I was undressing her as I wanted to feast on her pussy. The girl was so horny that she almost came as soon as I began to lick her pussy. I decided to have some fun as I was feeling rather frisky myself so I got her on all fours and began to lick her asshole as I rubbed her pussy. This was all too much for and she had a beautiful orgasm and almost collapsed in my hands. Now it was my turn and she began to rub my pussy, starting slow before bringing me to an amazing climax. A beautiful casting with a beautiful woman, but if I was her I wouldn`t sit by the phone waiting for it to ring, as we won`t be in touch.

Released: 17-06-2014

Categories: Lesbian, Work Fantasies, Ass Worship, Amateur, Office, Indoors, Sex, Ass Licking, Pussy Licking

File Size: 692 MB
Duration: 00:33:51
Resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 128 kb/s
File Name: Zara [Zara Jay] - Female Agent_720.mp4

Zara [Zara Jay] - Female Agent (720)



Category: Female Agent

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