Cutie with pigtails gets agent wet [Whitney Conroy] - Female Agent (1080)

Cutie with pigtails gets agent wet [Whitney Conroy] - Female Agent (1080)

Keira (29 mins). There`s nothing I like more then a short, cute woman with a pleasant personality and a stunning figure. Now, if you take that woman and put her hair in pigtails, then you have just made me mad with desire. She looked so cute and fuckable sitting opposite me, twirling her pigtails with her fingers and making my pussy drip with excitement. I recognized her from a porn video I had seen before and she admitted to me that she had done a video with a man previously. I was squirming with delight on my seat now and she had soon agreed that she would be willing to try almost anything for our agency. I asked to see her naked and she revealed a stunning pair of small, pert breasts and an ass like a peach. I was entranced and walked over to her. I took her in my arms and pushed her back on the desk before sharing a deeply passionate kiss with her that made every nerve ending in my body tingle. She said she had never been with another woman before, so I decided to lick her to orgasm first, to show her exactly what to do. Her pussy tasted divine and as I licked I could feel her shudder with pleasure with every stroke of my tongue. I got her on all fours and finger fucked her to an amazing orgasm where she convulsed in my arms as the orgasm shook her body. Now it was my turn and she went between my legs and got her first taste of pussy. She was a quick learner and she soon had me squealing and squirming on the couch as she brought me to orgasm with her fingers and tongue. One of my best experiences yet with a siren of beauty and naughtiness.

Released: 29-03-2016

Categories: Lesbian, Work Fantasies, Amateur, Office, Indoors, Sex, Pussy Licking, Pussy Fingering

File Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 00:29:09
Resolution: 1920x1080 (FullHD)
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 192 kb/s
File Name: Cutie with pigtails gets agent wet [Whitney Conroy] - Female Agent_1080.mp4

Cutie with pigtails gets agent wet [Whitney Conroy] - Female Agent (1080)



Category: Female Agent

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