FakeAgent Casting XXX c1080 : Juliette (HD|720p)

FakeAgent Casting XXX c1080 : Juliette  (HD|720p)

Juliette Wow this girl is amazing, tanned, cute and one hell of a great body. She's going to make someone extremely happy one day. I'd love to get to know her better so it's a shame that I have to lie to you about who I really am. Ok I'm over it now. This was definitely one of my most adventurous outings due to relocation issues I had to get a bit creative with the location of the interview. Because of Zsotl (Lilla's boyfriend) I had to leave my office in a hurry, which means I've got no legitimate place to do a casting. So I thought this girl's a bit special so what's better than a nice romantic outing in the wilderness. It was pretty scary at times because there was always the thought of being caught in the act. To her credit, she was a game girl, who didn't complain once. She was desperate to get out of her bar job as she wasn't earning very good money. When I told her about possible opportunities in photo modelling and videos her eyes lit up. The day was perfect.... the weather the day, the girl. I felt like everything was going my way. Only problem were all the damn bugs flying around. Once or twice I thought that a disgruntled farmer would come along and spoil my fun, but thankfully it didn't happen. Her little soft voice was driving me to distraction. We fucked under the blazing sun, and then I exploded a hefty wedge into her cock socket... it was gloriously corrupted. Afterwards in the car on the way home she started getting frisky so she sucked me off in the driver's seat. What a girl...!

FakeAgent Casting XXX c1080 : Juliette  (HD|720p)

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