FakeAgent Casting XXX c1097 : Elle - cute blonde (HD|720p)

FakeAgent Casting XXX c1097 : Elle - cute blonde  (HD|720p)

Elle This cute blonde sent me a great emailing asking me if I could get her work in the fashion industry. Naturally I told her that I could help her fulfil her dreams. She was studying business economics in Prague, and needed money to subsidize her spending habits. The interview took a bit of a strange turn when I started asking her about her personal life. Her main interest involved having babies which I thought was weird for her girl her age. I couldn't get her to shut up about the damn things. It was my baby this my baby that, I mean try and enjoy life before commit yourself to a baby. I started to get a bit worried when she said she didn't need a husband, only the sperm to fertilize her womb. I started wondering if I should even continue with the casting because she was too obsessed with babies. I thought she could be doing this as an elaborate plot to get my sperm off me. So I weighed up my options and did the only sensible thing and put a rubber on my dick. For a change of pace I took her into the bedroom, and after a good bit of fucking she wanted to take the rubber off, promising me that she was on the pill. Stupidly I believed her, and went in bare back. I wasn't thinking straight, I was thinking with my balls, but I believed her.... stupid me. It was only that after I'd spunked up her that she told me she was joking about being on the pill. So now i'm left panicking that this crazy baby making machine has robbed my sperm. I tried to take her to get the after pill but she ran away from me.... Ooops.

FakeAgent Casting XXX c1097 : Elle - cute blonde  (HD|720p)

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