FakeAgent Casting XXX c1098 : Rebecca (HD|720p)

FakeAgent Casting XXX c1098 : Rebecca  (HD|720p)

Rebecca This amazing blue eyed beauty swept me into a sexual haze which took me a while to recover from. She was so hot I felt like putting the air conditioning on, I thought she might dissolve through the leather couch if I didn't. Somehow I managed to get my words together, and found out that she works behind the counter in a massage centre I had my thinking cap on, it was the perfect opportunity to get a free massage. Also, she seemed right up for it. When we were on the couch she proceeded to use her magic hands on my back. It was pure bliss the way they were gliding over me, probing the fabric of my skin. It was an instant boner when she stripped down to her skin tight leggings and bra. The sadistic part of me wanted to ask her to walk all over me with her 7 inch Stilettos but I didn't want to scare her off. I was a bit worried that she said she only wanted to work with girls, I thought this might be a big anti climax. However, it turns out that her boyfriend had cheated on her and this was the perfect way to get her revenge on him... He'll probably stumble across this video while searching for wank material, and spunk a shed load of tears. I could sense she was filled with satisfaction as she flicked the bird to him for one last time.

FakeAgent Casting XXX c1098 : Rebecca  (HD|720p)

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