FakeAgent Casting XXX c1103 : Lana (HD|720p)

FakeAgent Casting XXX c1103 : Lana  (HD|720p)

Lana is a cute nineteen year old girl from next door. She has the most mischievous smile and flowing blonde hair. It became clear she was thinking filthy thoughts behind her innocent exterior. The way we met was like something out of a movie, it was a classic chance encounter. I just happened to see her on the street waiting for a bus. It was raining so I asked if she wanted to share my umbrella. It didn't take long before I was promising her fame and money if she did what I said, and I was filling her head with ideas of how she could be tripling her salary in the space of a week. Straight away I felt a connection with her I knew I wanted to spray my seed all over her innocent face until she was gleaming in my juice. I went into agent mode, asking the usual questions, like what are you doing for work, would you like to be a model, and she was suitably impressed. I slipped her my business card and a day later she was asking for a casting interview. As soon as she came in I had her eating out of the palm of my hand. The only bad thing was is that she didn't speak much english so I had to communicate quite a lot in Hungarian, but I tried my best to translate for my English speaking fans. The girl was amazing and we fucked until we were both satisfied... then fucked some more. She was a bit of a party girl who liked to get down and dirty on the dance floor... What's that saying 'your only as old as the woman you feel'. Well in that case I'm a teenager again. Woohoo.

FakeAgent Casting XXX c1103 : Lana  (HD|720p)

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