Suzy porn casting HD 720p

Suzy porn casting  HD 720p

Suzy (31 mins) Oh yes, Suzy is an amazing looking girl with really elegant features, I was secretly jumping for joy inside my mind when I clapped eyes on her. I must say the delightful suzy was a pleasure to work with . Unfortunately she couldn't speak a word of English for which I apologise to my fans, but I've translated with the subtitles. She was very open to trying new things so she is the perfect candidate to on my casting couch. When she said that she liked being naked it gave me a slight twitch in my pants... Who am I kidding I had a raging hard on under the desk, haha. She had an elegant beauty about her which was very refined and sexy. To top it off when she revealed her body I noticed her beautiful silky skin and a velvet pert nipples that were just the right size for her body. I almost didn't want to take any photos I just wanted to stick my cock inside her as soon as possible. I knew it was going to take all my concentration not to spunk prematuraly with this one. Her pussy was magnificent small and poist just the way I like them, turns out it was a bit too tight because I couldn't hold my jizz back. When her tongue touched my japs eye I was transported to a world of ecstasy. And when I was inside her I totally forgot I was doing the fake agent shoot and I spunked my load too early. Nonetheless, I had a chance to redeem myself when I went in for second helpings, and after she'd sat on my cock for long enough I spunked again. What a session. I'ld love to see her again someday.

Suzy porn casting  HD 720p

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Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:31:22


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