Madlyn casting - she said she wouldn't do anal HD 720p

Madlyn casting - she said she wouldn't do anal  HD 720p

Madlyn (42 mins) Madlyn is smoking hot lady who's got an amazing attitude about life She has a very refined look about her which is sexy and elegent at the same time. A winning combination in my book. She was curious about the interview and I think a bit intrigued by what I could actually do for her. She was more than happy to be filmed and was giving very promising answers to most of my question. Another good thing about Madlyn is that she wasn't shy at all and said that she masturbated everyday which I was quite pleased about. My way of thinking is that if a girl has high sexual urges it is more likely that she will open her legs during the interview, and on this occasion I was right. The way she was dressed was making me horny, I couldn't wait to get her out of them short little hot pants and reveal the glorious bounty. I promised her work and she looked happy, she said she wouldn't do anal until she felt a bit more comfortable in this environment, but half way through she must have loosened up because I went in for the ass and she didn't complain. She was up for anything, a game girl and I really liked the cut of her jib. In summery Madlyn is a all rounder, Her ass was to die for, lovely natural titties, and a great attitude towards life and new experiences. Nice one Madlyn pleasure doing business with you.

Madlyn casting - she said she wouldn't do anal  HD 720p

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