Fake Hospital (E28) Angel 1080p

Fake Hospital (E28) Angel 1080p

Fake Hospital (E28) Angel 1080p

Sexual therapy causes new patient to squirt uncontrollably

I always love it when a new patient joins my practice, kind of like a shepherd gaining a new lamb to his flock. What a new patient too, Miriam was blue eyed, blonde and sporting a very ample pair of natural breasts. A beautiful addition to my growing list of hot patients. Miriam had come to the hospital today to both join the practice and to see about a bit of throat discomfort and a persistent cough. So I treated her the only way I knew how... With a thorough body check up. I went through all the usual check up items first, then onto the more intimate ways to check a patients health. Culminating with getting my fingers deep into her pussy, which I might add, she really enjoyed. As I began to build momentum, she began to build too, and it wasn't long before she was squirting pussy juice everywhere, no exaggeration, everywhere. So I then got my cock onto the job and she squirted on that too. What a squirter! I loved this, so I got my magic fingers back into her pussy and really worked them hard and fast... This brought on a waterfall of squirting pussy juice that went all over the hospital wall. A fresh coat of paint may be needed for that golden mess. Now it was her turn to finish me off, and what better way than to cum all over her perfectly large breasts. I'm definitely looking forward to a re-appointent with Miriam at some point soon.

Fake Hospital (E28) Angel 1080p

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