Fake Hospital (E29) Gabriela (2014|FullHD|1080p)

Fake Hospital (E29) Gabriela (2014|FullHD|1080p)

Doctors magic cock produces vocal orgasms from horny patient

Patients normally like to moan and complain when they come into the surgery but this gorgeous beauties moaning got to seriously high levels after we started on my unique therapy cure for her bad back. When she first came in she didn't seem too keen on seeing a specialist and wanted me to help her with a quick fix. I kind of got the idea that she fancied me a little and was flirting with we in a subtle way. So I asked her if she wanted me to try massaging her and before I could blink she was face down on the examining table with her knickers and stockings pulled down to reveal her tight little ass and pussy. I started off in the safe zones before I started kneading her buttocks and I could tell from the the way she started to squirm that she was enjoying this far too much. Needless to say it wasn't long before I was fingering her tight slick hole as my magic cock slid in and out of her mouth, her little pants of breath heating my helmet up in a very nice way. I had to try and test this pussy of hers and that's when the trouble started. As soon as I started fucking her in various positions I realised that she was a very vocal woman indeed, she was practically screaming the place down and I had to cover her mouth several times as I feared for all the glass windows in the surgery, and even my own glasses wear going to break. Someone got pissed off with us at one point and began banging on the wall to tell us to keep it down, but this didn't seem to trouble her at all and she kept on screaming like an unleashed sexual animal. It was time to creampie her and get her out of there before half the reception wandered into the room wondering what I was doing to my patients. Stunning girl though and an amazing fuck.

Fake Hospital (E29) Gabriela (2014|FullHD|1080p)

Fake Hospital (E29) Gabriela (2014|FullHD|1080p)

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