FakeHospital : Klarisa - Fake Hospital E68 (FullHD)

FakeHospital : Klarisa - Fake Hospital E68 (FullHD)

Doctor Probes Patients Pussy With His Cock For Best Test Results

This blonde was a good body shape, but it was not one of my patients, I recommended her to another doctor, who was on holiday, I think I know who recommended me and that she came to him in his clinic, but he is happy husband, he had sent her out for a good fucking while he was away. It was a problem with some pain in the groin it might just be some common cramps, but I wanted to look deeper into it. I gave her an exam, I asked when the last time she had seen a gynecologist, as this may be due to a problem. She did not say for a while, so I asked if I could give her examination to rule out any problems that she said that was fine. As I carefully wiggled his fingers her cunt I could feel her body tense with pleasure, she closed her eyes tightly closed, and gave some gentle breaths as I slowly sank his fingers deeper into her pussy. This was soon followed me to get my cock and jerk off next to her, at this point she was so relaxed she was happy anyway, and grabbed my cock and began to masturbate me. I'm looking forward to giving this one a good hard fucking.

FakeHospital : Klarisa - Fake Hospital E68 (FullHD)

FakeHospital : Klarisa - Fake Hospital E68 (FullHD)

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