Lexi : Exploited College Girls (HD)

Lexi : Exploited College Girls (HD)

Tall, slender Lexie a little more elegant than our typical girl. Even when she gets drilled in doggy Jay lipstick or touch up after a blowjob she's looking pretty hot and combined. On how her long legs together to form the perfect inner thigh gap to her bouncy bubble butt to her cheerful cup tits, this girl is amazing from top to bottom. When we meet Lexie it looks like it may be a bit too stiff to be a porn star, but that the facade will not last long, as she changes outfits and allows us to see her perky little nips already hard and her naked pussy is already a little wet. There really is no substitute for a girl who is happy to own heating furnace, and Jay fully feeling her as she prepares. In the end Lexi gets her make up just fine, and moves to the bed to get things started. Jay has her strip and are, as usual, and then gets her to the edge of the bed for a dip in the ToyBox Ex Co Gi. This time it comes with a vibrator and with it, a little lubrication and fingers, he is able to bring Lexie to rapid, intense orgasm. She tries to return the favor by dropping to the floor to suck dick Jay, but our camera stud is not easy to finish. It does make it difficult, although this means that this flow time. Lexi gets pounded on his back, then on her front with her ​​face down in bed, then she jumps up in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl in the back for the Energizer Bunny impression Jay. After gland Lexie from every angle, Jay her back on the floor to suck and drag it to the big finish, which lands on her tits, and her obvious chagrin, her beautiful, composed face.

Lexi : Exploited College Girls (HD)

Lexi : Exploited College Girls (HD)

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