Fake Hospital (E09) - Adel Sunshine (720p)

Fake Hospital (E09) - Adel Sunshine (720p)

Fake Hospital (E09) - Adel Sunshine (720p)

Doctor gives birthday treat to lonely sexy patient

This beautiful woman came into my office complaining of chest pains and what sounded like heartburn to me. I noticed that today was her birthday so I wished her happy birthday and asked her if she had celebrated it. She told me that she did not have many friends and so had not had not bothered to celebrate. A lonely beautiful woman in my office feeling down on her birthday, this one was in the bag. I told her I would need to massage her to see if I could ease her pain and as I touched her delicate skin my cock felt like an iron bar in my trousers. I swung the conversation round to her birthday again and told her I could not shake her hand and wish her happy birthday as I had oil all over my hands, but I could give her a birthday kiss instead. I leaned in to kiss her and she greedily responded as we shared a long and passionate kiss. I told her that I had a present for her and within moments she was sucking on my cock and wanking me into her mouth. I devoured her beautiful body and fucked her in lots of positions as she came all over my cock. I couldn't contain myself any longer and I shot my load all over her firm ass cheeks. With a cry of Happy Birthday and a promise of silence from her, I sent her on her way.

Fake Hospital (E09) - Adel Sunshine (720p)

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