Fake Hospital (E10) - Jenny Simons (720p)

Fake Hospital (E10) - Jenny Simons (720p)

Fake Hospital (E10) - Jenny Simons (720p)

Beautiful squirting blondes migraine cured by my cock

his beautiful blonde came into my office complaining of a migraine that had been on and off for weeks. Her normal doctor was on holiday so she had fallen into my hands. She looked very stressed out and the only cure I knew that would work for this gorgeous blonde was a release of endorphins, which I was going to achieve through making her cum. I sold her the line of how massage could ease her pain until her doctor returned, a kind of natural remedy. When she removed her top I was blown away by her amazing body, stunning pert breasts and a gorgeous figure, I had to get inside her. I accidentally on purpose touched her breast and to my surprise she smiled and wanted more. What she needed to release that stress and cure her ailments, was a big hard cock. She started to suck me and I began to finger fuck her. Much to my delight she turned out to be a bit of a squirter, her pussy was leaking like a broken dam and the juices were flying all over my hand as I finger fucked her to orgasm. When I entered this beauty she was tighter then a rusted lock and I could hardly contain my balls from emptying there and then. After some amazing fucking I shot my load all over her pussy and stomach and then rubbed my helmet all over her soaking pussy. She called me a healer as her headache had gone, what can I say, another patient cured by my cock.

Fake Hospital (E10) - Jenny Simons (720p)

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