Pascalssubsluts - Ava Austen - Fuck Me Rough (360)

Pascalssubsluts - Ava Austen - Fuck Me Rough (360)

Pascalssubsluts - Ava Austen - Fuck Me Rough

Guys, it`s Andy here. Some of you might know that I write P`s blurb every week but for this scene I thought I`d better take the mask off because it doesn`t feel right putting words in the maestro`s mouth this time round. The scene`s a dud and, speaking as the producer of this series, I apologise for it.

It`s no fault of Ava`s. She didn`t have a lot of experience with the kind of sex we shoot but by the time we got to the scene she was well up for it, as Pascal`s comments about her wet pussy attest to, not to mention her own acknowledgement that she was game for a bit of rough. Things had kicked off a bit tricky with the interview. It wasn`t easy because she didn`t want to talk much about her personal life. But that was her prerogative (it amazes me that we manage to get what we do from some of the girls when I chat with them) and we managed to swing things round and have a bit of a laugh about it.

So when we got to the scene it was all set up to be a bit of a corker. We didn`t need a story to kick it off. The story was Ava jumping in the deep end, doing something pretty fucking hardcore which she hadn`t done before. But P doesn`t really run with it and it never takes off. I don`t know why. That`s just what happened.

I could write a scene description spouting a load of bull, the same kind of turd-polishing you get on other porn sites. But that would be doing a disservice to you. You`d take one look at the scene and know I`d been lying through my teeth. No – this time round we missed the mark. It might happen again in the future, it might not. My efforts will be focussed on ensuring the latter.

Thanks for being a member. We both very much appreciate it.


Added: 06/30/2016

Categories: Breath-Play, Cum In Mouth and Swallowing, Deep-Throat, Face-Fucking, Foot Play, Fuck Scene, Physical Domination, Physical Restraint, Pissing, Spanking, Vaginal Fucking, Verbal Abuse

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File Name: Pascalssubsluts - Ava Austen - Fuck Me Rough.mp4

Pascalssubsluts - Ava Austen - Fuck Me Rough (360)



Category: Pascals Subsluts

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