Pascalssubsluts - Kimmie Foxx - Anal Fuck Bunny Craves Proper Pounding (360)

Pascalssubsluts - Kimmie Foxx - Anal Fuck Bunny Craves Proper Pounding (360)

Pascalssubsluts - Kimmie Foxx - Anal Fuck Bunny Craves Proper Pounding

This is Kimmie`s second porn shoot. So we can`t call her brand-new but she just about is as near as dammit. She`d been mulling it over in her mind for a while about being a porn slut but a new boyfriend, ignorant of her dirty daydreams, triggered things off when he told her how good she`d be at it. He then promptly advised her that she`d better start training her asshole to take a big hard cock, since taking it up the sh*tter was pretty much de rigeur for ladies of said profession, and she duly obliged, albeit a little apprehensively given previous not-entirely-positive experiences. A man after my own heart. Fast-forward to the penetration for which she`s being paid an extra £50 and Kimmie Foxx takes my willy up her poop-chute like a trooper, especially given the fact that, as is my want, I`ve greased her hole up with little more than a splat or two of spit. It`s a fantastic sequence – you can tell she`s not totally comfortable with it and she`s worried. But I ease in gently, build my rhythm up slowly and she warms up very nicely indeed, so much so that after a while she puts her wand back on her clit and requests that I pump her harder. Good girl. The less said about the set-up of the scene the better. For some reason Andy thought it would be a good idea to have her play a naughty fitness instructor hired to train me to fuck harder. Apparently he thinks I haven`t been going to the gym enough. Er, I may not have. But Kimmie doesn`t disappoint in this week`s updates guys. Her interview`s really frank, she totally gets off and cums during her solo masturbation vid while I tease her stroking my dong right in front of her nose, and she squirts and cums a second time in the scene. My cock`s a picture while I`m banging her, all shiny and wet from her juices. Stay tuned for Saturday`s extra sex as well. After we took the pics we shot a foot fetish fuck with me banging her in different positions – tippy-toes always pointed of course – and shooting my milky load all over her toes. Yum!

Added: 04/14/2016

Categories: Anal Fucking, Cum In Mouth and Swallowing, Deep-Throat, Ejaculation onto Feet, Face-Fucking, Fuck Scene, Masturbation, Physical Domination, Real Female Orgasm, Squirting, Toys, Vaginal Fucking

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File Name: Pascalssubsluts - Kimmie Foxx - Anal Fuck Bunny Craves Proper Pounding.mp4

Pascalssubsluts - Kimmie Foxx - Anal Fuck Bunny Craves Proper Pounding (360)



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